Five things you used to be able to do on #Facebook but you can’t do anymore.

Here are five things you used to be able to do on Facebook but you won’t be able to do anymore, some you might be able to do if you know a few tricks. If you think something should be added to this list, let us know so we can add it.

Number five on our countdown is Graph Search. Originally you could really customize and do a thorough search which probably was good if you wanted to find someone who you weren’t sure but had very little information today Facebook has done away with Graph Search which probably makes that a little more difficult in finding someone.

I am only guessing on why Facebook decided to do away with Graph Search was probably because some people thought it was revealing too much information however Graph Search has never revealed any information that wasn’t public it would only search public information but hey why should users take any responsibility it’s easier to blame someone else right

Number four on our countdown changing part of the URL to see the larger photo. If you’re browsing through Facebook chances are you’ll probably come across a small photo and in order to determine if that is the right person or not if you knew how to change part of the URL you could look at a larger photo here’s an example of what we’re talking about

Unfortunately this will no longer work because after .jpg, they now have a hash key that is generated every time you browse through Facebook photos. This also brings us to number three on our countdown.

Number three on our countdown is hot linking. Surely Facebook could definitely afford people to hot link directly from their site especially when they get tons of free publicity from the media, they receive huge tax breaks because they find loopholes in the tax system so they don’t have to pay taxes and they charge people to put advertisement on Facebook, and finally they own their own data centers so really the only thing is bandwidth which I don’t think that’s too much of a problem for them. Anyway if you try to hot link a photo from Facebook it will work for a while but after certain amount of time that hash key will expire.

Number two on our countdown is reporting tool also allowed you to see private photos. If you were reporting photos on someone’s Facebook account the reporting tool also allowed you to see private photos in hopes that you would see other photos that may be violating Facebook‘s terms and conditions although Facebook has sent done away with this.

Number one on our countdown is pay to have your message delivered to a person’s inbox instead of their other folder, that most people did not know about.

Facebook thought it was a great idea to create two types of folders one is your inbox where if your friend of someone and you send them a message or I believe if your friend of a friend and you message that person will go directly into their inbox however if you are not friends with that person or a friend of a friend your message would instead go to their other folder in which I think most people probably didn’t even know it existed. If you truly wanted to get your message to that person you could have offered to pay in which the price would vary depending on who the person is however it seems Facebook did away with this. Probably because people weren’t willing to pay various amounts in order to have a message sent to someone.

Some websites are claiming that this was a hoax this in fact wasn’t a hoax, there were plenty of sites showing pictures and even I, myself saw this.

Facebook has always said Facebook will always be free and it always has been free however Facebook did decide to come up with an idea for people who are not friends or not friends of friends to send a message to a recipient and if you choose to pay you could have your message delivered directly to their inbox instead of their other folder. The dollar amount would vary depending on who the person is and where you’re located.

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