Going beyond Restricted Areas at Walt Disney World: Revisited

You can read our first article covering Going beyond Restricted Areas at Walt Disney World, by clicking on the title that was published on  Jun 29, 2016, so this article won’t going into grate detail as that have not changed much, so this article well cover some of the places that where explored, but their is an awesome surprise and we really get a real good look at Discovery Island that was photographed and a few videos but not to this extent.

The video below is a short excerpt that gives great highlights of Disney’s Discovery Island which you can watch that below.

Video upload by Bright Sun Films

This video runs about 45 minutes long that showed the island being thoroughly explored which you can watch that below.

Video uploaded by MattSonswa.

That video is just a bloopers from the full-length video that is posted above, while the bloopers don’t show much, it does answer a question that I myself had and I have seen others ask.

Video uploaded by Chris Carswell.

Here are some questions we learned from watching the video, like is the power still on or off, did they have permission to be on the island, did a lot change scene the last time someone was on the island?

If you have seen the still images that were published in 2009 by Shane Perez, you could see that the power was still on, today it looks like the power is off meaning the power has been cut, along with the music that would be playing Disney’s theme park music on the island.

If you haven’t watched the full length video, you will hear his friends say we need to hurry or something along those lines and if you watch the bloopers, you can see they have a small canoe with paddles and they had to wait for the fairy to be clear from sight before leaving. Also they said they had to do a lot of planning, so they may have gone when it was less crowded. so based on what we have from the videos I think would be safe to say although I could be wrong they probably didn’t have permission to be on the island and I’m thinking if Disney does catch them they will most likely be banned from entering the park for life and probably charged with trespassing.

Now the questions, personal thoughts and your views:

While this video does give us a great insight of what the islands looks like today, we can see nothing has really been done to the island except for one thing, they did install a chain-link fence from the welcome Center that would have led to the pier and dock. What’s strange about this, is when they install the chain-link fence they put a warning sign alerting anyone that there are crocodiles in the water.

Now that leads to a question, why would they put a sign alerting anyone that are crocodiles in the water on an island that supposedly nobody is supposed be on the even cast members/employees, except for those who have rare access to the island. I’m sure that all cast members/employees know the dangers about crocodiles being in the water because I’m sure Disney made it very clear after an incident that happened not to fair from Discovery Island, it was more South West of the island.

Another thing that I find kind of puzzling is the doors. How come on one of the buildings, a door was removed from its hinges and placed 25 feet away while the other door was still in tacked? Why would anyone go through the trouble of removing only one door to place a 25 feet away but not remove the other one? On another building, or looks like a storage shed, why did the locks look like they were smashed off with a hammer? Finally another building that looks like it was the animal hospital how come the doors look new or along with the door closers, but parts of the building were in really bad shape and even collapsing?

Moving on from the doors, why did they leave so much stuff behind instead of taking it with theme or maintaining these buildings to keep the contents inside them from being damaged? How come they didn’t use this island as a storage facility? With Disney leaving the island like it is now, could some of the contents on the island be dangerous to the environment and to the wildlife?

For example as you saw in the full-length video you can see big black spots, up in the air, but that wasn’t any camera tricks, anything being censoring out, it was netting from a bird exhibit/cage/enclosure, but could a wild animal get trapped in the old netting? Another example is old chemicals such as cleaning products, oils for equipment, stains for wood, paint, and what about the old vending machines refrigerators that all have chemicals that make cold air leaking out and getting into the ground?

Meter maid I’m sure would have some great insight and also would be able to share probably some great photos:

Finally did anyone notice a few electric meters that were smart meters, because they didn’t look like the analog meters where a disc rotates? I wonder if the electric company sent a few people to Disney to read all of these meters or did they just trust Disney to be honest on how much power they consumed? I wonder who the lucky person was it the power company did send someone out to read the electric meters on Discovery Island when it was closed to the public, after a year and even five year later because they still had the power on until at least 2014. So whoever was a lucky person to read the meters on Discovery Island I’m sure took some interesting photos and would be able to see how the island has changed over a period of time.

Analog meters are meters with a disc that rotates in which someone physically has to come to the meter and read it, digital meters don’t have a disc that rotates and can be read remotely so someone does not have to physically read the meter however being on an island I don’t think the power company can use their program but they use to read digital meters on the fact it being that far away. Besides the power company what about the gas company and the water company? I think the gas company can read meters remotely systolic physically doesn’t have to come and read the meter again being on an island and being that fair away I don’t think they can read it that far away, now as far as the water company I know someone physically has to come in read the meter, I don’t think they can read any meters remotely.

Personal opinion: I think Disney should clean this island up, and try to donate as much as they can to ReStores by removing all of the doors, door closers, windows, lights, another other stuff that is still in good working order or may need a little restoration work to continue to live on.

Questions for you: Do you think Disney should clean the pathways up and open the island for Halloween and make this as a Halloween attraction since the island looks like in the apocalypse hit witch could definitely give people a scare? Do you think Disney should have guided tours so people would be able to explore the island every so often to reduce people sneaking on to the island? Tell us what you think Disney should do with this island?

Now we are going to the mainland, specifically River Country, River Country did NOT close because of amoeba, a brain eating bacteria, River Country closed due to three reasons which they are. On September 11th, all commercial aviation was temporarily suspended that means nobody would be able to come to the theme park who did not live local or was not already there, during that same time Disney had created another pool that was bigger which most of the guests were going to the bigger pool and finally the State of Florida had changed the rules which no longer allow Disney to use non-chlorine water meaning they couldn’t use lake water that they had used for River Country so River Country was closed. While all this was happening River Country was closed because there was maintenance going on, unfortunately the temporary closure turn into a permanent closure.

Video uploaded byVicsVlog.

In the video above, you will see two girls exploring and as they are exploring you will see the pool, that has been filled in today, see the video below for that, and a building that you see them filming on the outside and then you see them looking around insid, today that bulding they where in is now gone witch you can see that in the video below.

Video upload by Bright Sun Films

Not all of River Country is closed off the public, there are a few parts of River Country that is still open to the public witch you can access today as you can see in this YouTube video that is posted above and also below.

Video uploaded byJake RK.


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