How to archive someone’s #Instagram main page or a post and prevent it from continuously refreshing?

Have you ever tried to download someone’s profile, or a post from Instagram, but when opening it up on your computer or re-uploading it to a third-party, the page continuously refreshes which makes it annoying and frustrating because you’re not able to see the archive copy?

Upon examining Instagram’s HTML coding and removing certain scripts I noticed the page would no longer continuously refreshed what I was able to view the archive copy that downloaded onto a third party website or on my local computer.

So what are the steps?

First you’ll need to visit their Instagram account, for example we’re going to use Reality Winner’s Instagram account. Go to like you would go to any other website and because I want to archive only this page which I will call the index page, I’m going to keep pressing the down button on my keyboard to make sure that I get all 450 posts. (Note: This can be somewhat time-consuming and this will NOT save the individual posts, it will only save the page you’re on.)

Once you have loaded all 450 posts, go to File > Save page As (Crtl + S) > a dialog box will now appear, you can chose to make a folder and name the newly created folder. Double click on a folder, and enter a name i.e. Reality_Winner_Instagram_index_original.html, then look near the bottom of the dialog box and you will see a drop-down menu with a list of options, click on “Web Page, complete” and then press “Save”. (Note: It may take a few seconds possibly a minute or so in order to fully download everything since you have selected webpage complete from a drop-down menu, do NOT click away from the Web Page or close out of the browser until the download is complete, doing so may cause the download not to be complete.)

Once the download is complete, please go to the download html page and right click > Open with > notepad (if you don’t see it there, click on “Chose Program…” > from the list of choices, choose Notepad. (NOTE: This is important that you open up the page with notepad instead of another program as to when saving it you will need to save it as “UTF-8”, but we will get into that little bit later.)

Now that you have the HTML page open, look for two lines of code, they will look like this, however the name of the two files may differ from the one that you see that is highlighted in red. (NOTE: You can press “Ctrl + F” and in the dialog box enter “crossorigin” without quotations to find the line of code.)

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”reezlie_files/96444f1d24f0.js” crossorigin=”anonymous”></script>

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”reezlie_files/f44d5bcb10fb.js” crossorigin=”anonymous”></script>

Now that you have found the code, after “.js” you can add something like “_not_used” without quotations, so it looks like this:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”reezlie_files/96444f1d24f0.js_NOT_USED” crossorigin=”anonymous”></script>

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”reezlie_files/f44d5bcb10fb.js_NOT_USED” crossorigin=”anonymous”></script>

Now I personally recommend that you save this with a new name so the original is not overwritten by the changes we just made, so now to save this document, go to File > Save As > in the dialog box you will have the option to enter a new name so for example we will name this file “Reality_Winner_Instagram_index.html” without quotations and below this you should see a drop-down menu that says “Text Documents (*.txt)” without quotations and below that you should see another drop-down menu that should stay “UTF-8” without quotations, now press “Save”.

So why did we remove or basically make those .js (JavaScript) from not working?

Basically making these two lines unable to work is like bypassing or finding a loophole in cross-domain or geo-restrictions in flash witch instead of only allowing the live stream or video to be played specific websites or been approved you graphical areas, it now allows the live stream to be streamed anywhere, on any website.

I really do not understand “crossorigin”, so I am guessing it is like cross domain like how flash is able to apply geo-restrictions and/or domain name specific URLs that the media can be access on while all other domain names are blocked.

For a short, quick, and easy explanation on what “crossorigin” is, please see


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