Is a scam or legitimate registrar? allows anyone to register the following ccTLDs (county-code top-level domain) .TK (Tokelau, a territory of New Zealand), .ML (Mali), .GA (Gabon), .CF (Central African Republic), and .GQ (Central African Republic) for free.

For anyone who is saying that Freenom is a scam they are probably not disclosing a few things such as:

  • If you are using the domain for free, you legally do not have any entitlement to it, there is no binding contract, licensee, or any exclusive right to use the domain name or any rights. When you also using the domain name for free you cannot sell or rent the domain name.
  • As per the terms each registrant (user) that is using the domain name for free agrees that they must have a working website even if it is for a short term i.e. temporary. This is to stop people from cybersquatting domain names.
  • All registrant’s (user’s) agrees as to per the terms that Freenom reserves the legal right to revoke any domain name at any time, as they see fit, with or without any warning and with or without any notice.

All registrant’s (user’s) have the right to convert their free domain name into a paid domain name that gives them the following:

  • A binding contract that gives them a license or an exclusive right to the domain name for the length of time you selected which is called a term. A term can be from one to ten years.
  • When you pay for the domain name for let’s say a term of one year, Freenom cannot take your domain name away nor can they stop you from selling the domain name and moving the domain name to another domain name registrar.
  • If your site is not active i.e. parked they cannot take away the domain name as you.

In a nut shell:

I do not believe that they are a scam because they do allow people to register most domain names without having to provide a credit card number, complete any surveys, However because you are using the domain name free of charge you legally don’t have any entitlement to the domain name however users are always encouraged to pay for the domain name in order to give them an exclusive right to the domain name for the term that they select.


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