It’s hard to admit when you’re wrong, but was very wrong about Elon Musk buying Twitter

It is definitely hard to admit when you’re wrong but I was certainly wrong about Elon Musk. When I heard of Elon Musk purchasing Twitter at the time I thought it was just a rumor. I thought he was just saying that not because he truly wanted to purchase Twitter and that he wanted to promote free speech as he says but he wanted to promote himself for nothing more than publicity as a publicity stunt in order to promote something about Tesla.

Several news outlets reported that Elon Musk had put in an offer to purchase Twitter then you hear about Elon Musk raising the concern that he may be paying a higher price than what Twitter is actually worth due to “fake accounts“ created by automated bots and that if he backed out of the deal he pays a big penalty for breach of contract, I thought he was just using the “fake accounts“ just as an excuse in order to get out of the contract.

Then you hear about Elon Musk claiming that Twitter may have breached the contract by releasing information about the number of user accounts or or something which I’m not exactly sure what the claim was actually but anyway the deal was completed and Elon Musk is now the new owner of Twitter.

I had to admit I am extremely happy that Elon Musk decided to purchase Twitter in at the rumor of Elon Musk purchasing Twitter came out to be true. I’m glad that this was not just a publicity stunt and the rumor that he wanted to purchase Twitter to “promote free speech“ is also turning out to be true as well. I believe many of the changes that Elon Musk is implementing I believe it is for the good of Twitter some of the changes I think is positive are the following, although I think some people would probably disagree.

Verified accounts: Twitter introduced verified accounts for those in government, media, celebrities an influential people, although there have been several other individuals who do not fall into this category at all yet somehow are verified. traditionally a verified account will only be issued to the groups that I had mentioned and sometimes individuals who don’t fall into any of these categories were still receive a verified account by getting a blue check mark next to their name i.e. @wqyu (Blue checkmark here) would indicate that this account has been authenticated, proven by Twitter that this person claims who they are is truly who they are.

Every since they have created this verified account status, giving them out to quite a bit of groups that’s over the years they have added different groups and also sometimes just give them out to individuals who don’t actually file into any group at all it has been the most wanted. A few times I have seen people on various market places selling verified account, claiming they can get your account verified, and even websites making this claim as well and also telling you to do this and that, but the grim reality is only Twitter has the authority and power to give this beloved blue checkmark out.

When Elon musk came along, he decided to give what people truly wanted and that was the blue checkmark if you subscribe to Twitter Blue, but sadly some people heavily criticize this and unfortunately some individuals decided to abuse this by creating accounts impersonating others. after this craziness, Twitter blue subscription temporally stopped and a new date was set to relaunch unfortunately it was then delayed then a new date was that again and then another delay is delaying the relaunch of Twitter Blue. This delay is over the rumor that Elon Musk refuses to pay 30% fee to Apple for have the Twitter app in the App Store.

Second chances for account suspended: Generally speaking when account is suspended on Twitter it usually is done because the user engaged in an egregious manner that violated the terms and The user would then need to submit an appeal stating their case on why they think their account did not violate the terms and their account should be reinstated. Elon Musk decided to give amnesty in other words a second chance for accounts that were suspended assuming that they were not suspended for illegal activity or for something egregious. this is definitely coming with some criticism about this decision.

Trumps account has been reinstated based on a poll conducted by Elon Musk. Trump would often tweet about COVID-19 and under twitters COVID-19 policies his tweets would often be flagged for disinformation, his account would also be flagged for disinformation about the election as Trump would often say that the election was rigged, stolen by the Democrats and soon after the January 6 he account was suspended. today Trump has his Twitter account back although he has not yet tweeted anything.

No longer enforcing COVID-19 policies: Elon Musk decided to suspend the enforcement of COVID-19 policies were in the past people felt like they had to tread on thin ice when talking about COVID-19 also known as the coronavirus as they fear their account could be suspended for “spreading disinformation” about the coronavirus.

Twitter Files: Not sure why it is only referred to as Twitter files, but I think the name should be more specific maybe perhaps something like Twitter files: Politics of 2020 censorship. quite a bit of stuff is happening under Twitter files: Politics of 2020 censorship.

Elon Musk is deciding to make certain documents public to show that a political party decided to use a social media platform in order to silence, withhold news to keep negative coverage from being actually news well on the other hand in a way having a free-for-all of nonstop negative coverage for the other political party.

During the 2020 presidential campaign trail, a rumor circulating about Hunter Biden’s laptop, a major news outlet (New York Post) published a new story about Hunter Biden’s laptop in which they claim they have confirmed that the laptop is authentic however Twitter decided to prohibit the news outlet from publishing and they even restricted their account. Twitter also made it impossible for anyone to share it as he claimed sharing this news article about Hunter Biden‘s laptop is a violation of their terms because the information was “hacked“ or “accessed in an unauthorized way”.

Do you remember this guy Nicholas Sandmann? If not here’s a quick summary, in 2019 he was seen at Washington D.C. near I believe the reflecting pool, this was a March For Life rally when a native American had approached him and a photo was taken of him. In the Photo you could see him wearing a red MEGA hat. A false caption was created to portray him as harassing and intimidating a Native American although later a video surfaced to tell the actual truth of what really happened. During this time when the photo was going viral people were writing death threats toward him, toward his school, his classmates which is illegal. Some of these death threats were coming from accounts that had a verified status yet I’m sure they were reported several times and Twitter didn’t do anything. Source:

Nicholas Sandmann asked Elon musk to release the files.

I believe there’s definitely gonna be more to come so I don’t think Elon Musk is done releasing.

I have to admit I was definitely wrong about Elon Musk, I think with Elon Musk purchasing Twitter was one of the best things that could’ve happened to Twitter. While I probably don’t agree with every single decision he will make I think for the overall good of Twitter I think he’s doing a fantastic job and I’m glad that he is not afraid to try new things and even if they have a hickup or debacle he is willing to give it another try.


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