Lots of new changes are happening on Twitter, here are a few things you should know.

If Twitter was a country Elon Musk would be the newly elected president getting to decide what policies are staying and which ones are going and with every newly elected president some people are just not going to be happy but the great news is Twitter is not a country and Elon Musk is not the president so if you don’t like how things are running on Twitter well you’re more than welcome to leave.


What is impersonating? It’s impersonating good or bad? Impersonating is the act of somebody pretending to be someone else in which they are not. I would classify impersonating is basically stealing someone else’s identity. Impersonating can be both, if it is part of a comedy i.e. such as SNL (Saturday Night Live) skit, part of the documentary in order to reenact a historical event to give a visual, or part of a movie, but it should give a notice that actors or actresses are portraying the real people at the beginning, middle or throughout or even at the end to make it clear distinguish. Usually when they are portraying somebody else permission is obtained or if it’s clearly obvious that the person is deceased such as George Washington for example.

If you are pretending to be somebody else in order to gain followers, money, gifts or anything this is when it is bad, among other legal issues occur, but for this we will just keep it at its basic.

If you choose to create a fan page for your favorite brand, politician, actor or actress, company, etc. make sure that you disclose it is a fan page and that it is not an official page created by the brand, etc. so people know otherwise it could be portrayed as you impersonating even though that is not your intention.

Kathy Griffin, a comedian had her account (@kathygriffin) suspended on Twitter. Her account currently is suspended as a writing this article for what she allegedly did. Kathy allegedly changed her screen name, not her handle to say “Elon Musk“ instead of her name. she is currently suspended for allegedly impersonating Elon Musk (@elonmusk).

If you where caught impersonating somebody in the past a warning would’ve been issued however since Elon Musk has taken over he has decided that no warnings will be issued in account suspension will be given instead. – Source: https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1589396236464898048

Verification going to cost eight dollars?

While nothing has been confirmed, this is only a rumor. The rumor is that Elon Musk thinks that the blue check mark should be made available to everyone however there is one twist to this it will cost you eight dollars in order to receive the blue checkmark and to keep the blue checkmark you will need to pay each month as a monthly fee. You will also receive other perks as well. Again this is only a rumor so nothing has been confirmed.

with this new change supposedly going into affect on November 9 this is certainly ruffling some feathers were some people have said that they refuse to pay eight dollars considering they’re selling fan swag for more than eight dollars.

Request to get verified no longer available

I believe it was less than a year Twitter announced that users would be able to request for verification however that is no longer the case as of today. if you are using the Twitter app, go to The circle with four dots it’s on the left bottom hand corner right under your profile icon > settings and support > settings and privacy > your account > Account information > request for verification is missing. if you go back to settings and privacy and in the search box you type in “verification“ without quotations the second search result is request for verification, when you click on this it should give you the request for verification dialogue although it doesn’t show up instead it takes you directly to account information or it may display an error message saying that something could not be loaded.

Changing your username? Verified status goes away temporarily

in the past if you change your user name, your handle the verified status would automatically go away and I believe you would have to reapply in order to have the verified status re-issued, so I’m not sure why Twitter apparently decided to change this but it looks like Elon Musk is going back to what happen in the past when changing user name or your handle. – Source: https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1589401231545741312


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