Trump’s Twitter account has been reinstated will Trump ever come back to Twitter and tweet?

Lots of things are happening on Twitter, every since Elon Musk officially took possession of the social media giant. Last week Elon Musk conducted a poll via his Twitter account as seen in the tweet below:

After the poll closed with 15,085,458 votes and out of the 15,085,458 votes, 51.8% said yes, while 48.2% said no, but the majority said yes and within a few hours Elon Musk then sent out a tweet as seen below:

As of today, Donald Trump‘s Twitter account ( has been reinstated But he has not tweeted anything from his account. The question is, will Trump send out any tweets or even come back to Twitter?

Other Twitter accounts, such as Kathy Griffin (, who was briefly suspended for impersonation, her account was also reinstated as well.


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