Truth Social, Trump’s version of his beloved megaphone Twitter, but Trump’s beloved megaphone going to be a success?

On Monday, February 21, 2022, was President’s Day where Truth Social Trump’s version of his beloved megaphone Twitter officially launched in the App Store where people are able to download and install the app onto their Apple device assuming that the iOS meets the the minimum requirements.

Maybe an hour before midnight on Sunday, February 20, 2022 the app became available for those who pre-ordered it and it was installed but trying to sign up certainly didn’t go without any problems. It appears that the server that is hosting or facilitating the actual social media site seem to have constantly crashed.

Toward Monday evening the sign-up process didn’t seem to be as problematic as to 11 PM Eastern time on Sunday and into the early morning on Monday. Toward the evening on Monday the sign-up process seem to be moving somewhat better than Sunday at 11 PM and into the early morning of Monday, so probably for the mass majority of people they were able to successfully complete the sign-up process and if you did successfully complete the sign-up process you will see a screen that will look like this as below.

Probably to most people this comes to as a shock that his social media site would even have a waiting list. The page reads “Your account has been created successfully! Thank you for joining! Due to the massive demand, we have placed you on our waiting list. We love you, and you’re not just another number to us. But your waiting list number is below.“

Personally this comes to me as a shock that a social media site would first allow people to pre-register which you would have to wait then after the launch date and you complete the sign-up process you’re put on a waiting list which in my opinion this number does not seem to be changing even when you click on the refresh button with a two arrows going in circles.

It appears to me that if this number does not change that probably means they’re not activating or accepting more users to get onto the platform, because if they were this number would slowly be getting closer to now serving you which means you’re ready to go and get onto the platform.

In the meantime while we all wait what to expect? What does the platform look like? I found a few people who have taken screenshots and uploaded them to Twitter and here are a few that I found on Twitter .

According to the tweet posted below, the Twitter user is saying that this is what the account settings look like. (Personal opinion: I like the colors that they have chosen for the account settings.)

In the tweet posted below, this is what you’re truth social page will look like.

This user posted on Twitter that they are 12th in-line to soon be on TruthSocial.

Hopefully it will not be too long before we start to see an email that reads as the one seen in this tweet “Welcome to TruthSocial“.


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