What type of verified accounts are there on Twitter?

Way before Twitter introduced Twitter Blue only a certain group of people would be eligible to receive the blue checkmark which meant the Twitter confirmed the individual or organization that they claim to represent is truly who they claim to be or who they represent. It meant genuine, authentic, not an unofficial fan page or someone who is impersonating.

For the most part easily known people like the President of the United States, members of Congress, key people in business like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg. Major brands like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Home Depot, Amazon. Members of the media like Robin Roberts, Whoopi Goldberg, those who work at local TV stations that are usually affiliates of ABC, Fox, CBS and TVShows/movies. I would get verified accounts, Twitter also gave verified accounts to other key people such as like people who are popular on YouTube, I would get verified accounts, Twitter also gave verified accounts to other key people such as like people who are popular on YouTube as they would classify as them as like influential people Actavis such as Greta Thornburg, David Hogg.

I do think sometimes Twitter did give the blue checkmark to people who you clearly had no idea who they were and had barely any followers, they barely followed anyone or they didn’t follow anyone at all, didn’t have a complete profile, no bio no website you basically didn’t know who they were.

it seems like quite a bit of people wanted the blue checkmark because if you look on Twitter you constantly see people asking @verified, @TwitterSupport, @Twitter to please verify me, please give me that blue check mark, give me that checkmark, and so on, although this never worked for most. I even seen people say hey @verified, @TwitterSupport, @Twitter give this account @ < username> A checkmark or something similar to these lines.

Things have changed medically since Elon Musk officially took possession of the social media site.

Elon Musk knew that people wanted certain things on Twitter but the number one thing that was sought after so dearly is a blue checkmark. A smart business person gives the end consumer what they truly want, not ignore it. If a lot and consumers want a specific product or service it would be very foolish not to make that happen as your competitor consume start offering what consumers want and you may miss out on a great opportunity to cash in on what people want.

A month ago Twitter announced that it was going to offer Twitter blue as a subscription service and one of the perks came that beloved blue checkmark that people so dearly wanted. unfortunately for the short time that it was excepting registrations or I should say sign ups in a way it was somewhat like a free-for-all, which there have been legitimate people signing up not trying to impersonate anyone unfortunately there’s also allowed those who had bad intentions to also sign up intentionally impersonate, probably some decided to impersonate others more as a joke.

I would definitely say the most memorable moment was when someone decided to create a fake Twitter account representing Eli Lilly and Company and then tweeted ”We are excited to announce insulin is free now”, and this is just one example although there were several others as well. I think after this chaotic lunch Twitter decided to temporally to spend new the ability for new subscribers to subscribe to the service.

About a month later Twitter blue was scheduled to launch although it kept getting delayed several times then Twitter decided to create a new type of verification system. The new verification follows as:

  • Government organizations/ individuals in government i.e. politicians: they will receive the gray checkmark, this now represents the Twitter has confirmed the account truly belongs to a government organization or an individual in government.
  • Businesses/companies: they will receive a goldish or yellowish checkmark this now represents Twitter has confirmed the account truly belongs to a business or company.
  • Celebrities, influential people, members of the media, legacy verified users and Twitter Blue subscribers: I almost need a break from saying that much. all these people that are listed in this massive group will either continue to use the blue checkmark or they will receive a blue checkmark upon subscribing to Twitter blue. PERSONAL OPINION: since all of these people are now using the blue checkmark this is how I am going to say what the blue checkmark now represents, this may not be how Twitter or you may think how the blue checkmark represents but I’m going to say what I think how it now represents. I think now the blue checkmark represents that the user has gone through an extra layer of security to confirm that it is a real person and not an automated bot signing up and using the account.

Currently there are four different types of verified accounts, you can check to see what type of verified account a user has, Gray and yellow/goldish would be pretty easy however the blue checkmark you will need to actually click on the checkmark to see how that person obtained that blue checkmark.

  • Legacy verified account: this means that Twitter automatically confirm the identity of the user and gave the person a verified account or when Twitter allowed people to be able to apply for the blue checkmark the user provided evidence to show who they claim they are is truly who they are in Twitter gave them a verified account. when you click on the blue checkmark this is what it will say in the pop-up “This account is verified because it’s notable in government, news, entertainment, or another designated category. Learn more.” (Kamala Harris‘s Twitter account says this.)
  • Legacy verified account version two? Some Twitter accounts that have the blue checkmark when you on the blue checkmark it will say this ”This is a legacy verified account. It may or may not be notable. Learn more.” (Nancy Pelosi‘s Twitter account says this.)
  • Twitter Blue: any person who signs up with Twitter blue subscription they will receive a blue checkmark as well, when you click on the blue checkmark it will say this ”This account is verified because it’s subscribed to Twitter Blue. Learn more” (Elonjets Twitter account says this.)
  • Business/company verified: Twitter accounts that have the goldish/yellowish depending on how you interpret the color represents business/company. When you click on the goldish/yellowish checkmark it will say this “This account is verified because it’s an official business on Twitter. Learn more”. (PointsBetUSA Twitter account says this.)
  • Gray checkmark: Twitter accounts to have a gray check mark represents government organization or person in government, no account currently has this so it’s unknown exactly what it will say when you click on the gray checkmark.

NOTICE: The Twitter accounts that I am referring to should not be taken as an endorsement, affiliation, sponsor or vice versa, they are only being used as a reference in order to point out the various types of Twitter verifications there are.


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