What’s inside Keurig cup a.k.a. K-cup and how does it work?

Over the Christmas holiday I purchased a Keurig that makes coffee within about one or two minuets which is fantastic, but I had to wonder how does the Keurig make the coffee? I decided to do a little bit of dissecting on a K-cup that I made a little earlier today as you can see the the video and I have also uploaded some photos to explain in a little detail.

If you look a the photo below, you can tell witch is the top and witch is the bottom, so I do not think I need to say witch is.

When you put the K-cup into the Keurig, and pull the handle down, the Keurig will poke two holes into the K-cup by two needles one in the top and also into the bottom. The water comes from the top needle, goes into the K-cup, passes thought the coffee, and filer, then enter from the bottom needle.

This is a diagram:

How does a k-cup work?
How does a k-cup work?

K-cup how it works

Below is showing you an up-close and from the different angles.

Top of the k-cup

Top of the K-cup with a hole poked into the K-cup.

The inside of the K-cup.

Inside of a k-cup

The K-cup on its side showing how it work, top showing the foil, the coffee grounds, filter and then the bottom of the K-cup.

The bottom view.

Bottom view of the K-cup with a hole where the coffee comes out.


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